How to grow a mustard plant.

Here is an update on this surprising garden addition.

All those who were around during Lent this year received a small packet of seeds through the post, to plant at home, and to watch as they grew during those days of early spring. After Easter I realised that I had a few left over so I threw them onto a sunny corner of the garden with some other wild flower seeds and then forgot about them.

Little did I know that a few weeks later I would have a monster plant! It is now about 5 feet tall with thick wavy leaves and yellow flowers opening delightfully. They smell lovely and the bees certainly love them.

The parable that Jesus told in Mark 4:30-32 certainly comes alive to me now. The smallest of seeds grows (although the sower doesn’t know how) and birds can perch on it if not build their nests. And it’s certainly brought me delight – and astonishment.

If I don’t neglect the seeds next time I wonder if it will get even bigger?

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