Lent may originally have followed Epiphany, just as Jesus’ time in the wilderness followed immediately after his baptism, but it soon became firmly attached to Easter, as the main occasion for baptism and for the reconciliation of those who had been excluded from the Church’s fellowship for whatever reason. This explains why Lent is like it is, a time for self-examination, seeking forgiveness, self-denial, study, and preparation for Easter. It is also a time during which many Christians give more to good causes.

Traditionally, the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare or Refreshment Sunday) was allowed as a day of relief from the harshness of Lent, and eventually led to the modern observance of Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

The last Sunday of Lent is Palm Sunday, during which we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and then the events of his last week, which is known as known as Holy Week. The atmosphere of the season darkens; the readings begin to prepare us for the story of Christ’s suffering and death.

Lent at St Salvador’s

During Lent in 2021 our worship remains online due to the COVID-19 Lockdown. Please contact us for details.